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puppetry project

The hand and rod witch puppet was made in collaboration with 4 other students from the Creative and Therapeutic Arts Course*, for a Hijinx Odyssey theatre production titled Hansel, Gedeon and the Grimms Wood. The play was a take on the story of Hansel and Gretel, and the puppets were brought to life by actors with and without learning disabilities.

Ideas for the villainous witch's appearance came from pupils at Woodlands High School in Cardiff, who took part in a number of creative activities including mono-printing, clay sculpture, sensory bunting and storytelling. Her pointed face and hands were painted in an olive green, her skin wrinkled and her blind marbled eye was shadowed by her long black eyelashes. Her tribal costume included a sheep's skull, dread-locked hair, an embroidered jacket, ragged skirt, a staff and laced boots. 

The show took place at the Wales Millenium Centre in December 2018, receiving great reviews.

* Puppet Makers: Myself, Troy Clarke, Beth Smith, 

  Sammie Hutt, Shannon Watt.

Images credit : Jonathan Dunn