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ponty and me:

Shops, places, favourite spaces

Ponty and Me -  Shops, Places, Favourite Spaces is a 6m x 3m mural printed on vinyl. The artwork depicts intersecting fragments from the Pontypridd landscape, featuring five iconic places fondly recalled by members of the public (The Indoor Market, Prince’s Café, Clwb y Bont, The Muni and The Bandstand).  These have been illustrated using ink and watercolour. Underneath each image is a memory of that place together with smaller illustrations of items or objects associated with those memories.

The artwork is situated on the front of what was previously the Marks and Spencers Building at the top of Taff street. As the building is currently boarded up, it was anticipated that a mural of this size would transform the street view and bring pleasure to passers by.

Opposite are photos of the building as it was previously, and the artwork in situ.

Full details of the project can be found by clicking on the link below.

The main images in the centre of the artwork are 5 popular places in Pontypridd as chosen by people who live or have lived in Pontypridd. These include (left to right) - The Indoor Market, Prince's Cafe, Clwb Y Bont, The Muni and The Bandstand.  They were firstly illustrated in pen and ink and then painted with watercolour. Prints of the images are available to purchase at £10 each. If you would like a copy please email me:

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