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Memories of a Sand Dancer, 2019 - Louise Westgarth

memories of a sand dancer

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project exploring seaside nostalgia and wellbeing. Born in South Shield's in the 1970's and having lived in Lee On Solent, I have always had an affinity with the Great British seaside. 

The idea for this piece was to recreate the beach experience from my youth sourcing items from the 1970's which included:

  • Wooden deck chairs and side table

  • Buckets, spades and fishing nets

  • A picnic blanket, flask and picnic set

  • Retro sunglasses, handbag and shoes

  • A polaroid camera and postcard of Tenby

  • And of course - sand and shells

I had great fun looking through old photographs of me and my family by the seaside and enjoyed transferring these onto a spray painted striped canvas panel. I also illustrated an ice cream, windmill, flip flops and an ice lolly which were also included in the design of one of the chairs.


For the second chair I reproduced a large scale acryllic image of Tenby harbour.  This was my first attempt at using acrylics and producing images on a larger scale.