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St Ishmaels
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back coat
side pocket
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" The creative process is something like this: I may go for a walk. There is everything around me. I look: certain things that one sees almost by accident, seem to strike me more than others"

Graham Sutherland

St ishmaels

For this project I chose to produce an access resource for the visually impaired visitor to the National Museaum of Wales. I was attracted by Graham Sutherland's painting of St Ishmael's 1976 for its bold bright colours and abstract shapes. Sutherland was known for his surreal response to nature, often using metaphors in his work.

In the original painting, Sutherland brings together the walled forest he found at St Ishmael's (Pembrokeshire) together with an eroded tree that he found on Picton Beach, several miles apart from each other. The large circle in the painting is suggestive of a camera lens, and the theme of looking is repeated with a suggestion of an eye looking through the trees.


Sutherland was well known for wearing an overt coat which became the inspiration for the access resource. I abstracted the various shapes in the painting and recreated them on the coat using using various textures and paints which the visitor could touch or see using the attached magnifying glass.

The visitor is also invited to smell the scent of pine on the collar of the coat, reminiscent of the smells of the forest in which Sutherland walked.  The sewn quote on the coat gives an insight into Sutherland's process of painting


For further information about Graham Sutherland's original artwork - St Ishmaels 1976 visit: