My morning view at Lydstep.

About me

Originally from the North East of England, I am an artist and Creative and Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, based in Pontypridd. I have been creative from an early age with fond memories of making giant scarecrows from old pieces of wallpaper with my grandmother. Who would have thought that some 40 years later and I would be developing this passion for creativity, helping others to improve their well-being?

I have a diverse artistic repertoire and enjoy working with various forms of media including watercolours, ceramics, photography, installation work, collage and textiles. I’m often inspired by nature and love the use of colour and texture, producing positive artworks which evoke feelings of happiness.


Many of my works have been created for use or display in the home, so I guess I can also be described as a 'crafter’. There is something about working with my hands, being lost in time and feeling a sense of value and purpose when making which brings pleasure and joy. Many of my creative workshops also involve creating things which have purpose and meaning, reflecting the participant’s unique identity.

When I'm not in Pontypridd, I'm in Lydstep and I love to spend time in Tenby where I find great inspiration for many of my paintings. I love being by the sea, hearing the waves crashing against the shore and watching the sun casting its rays - a great studio for my work. 

video introduction

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